Hand Blown Wine Decanter

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Elementary my dear wooters.us!

Hand Blown Wine Decanter [New] - $23.99 + $5 shipping shipping

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What I’ve been waiting for! :slight_smile:

If you don’t have one of these you have to place an order…wonderful decanter…classic but with flair…and they make great Christmas gifts!

I love mine and have given a number as gifts to people who loved them.

…and thank you all for wooting during the Wine.woot-off!

Better than just using the Vinturi?

Oh darn… waited for over a month to get this item from woot. Bought one at IKEA for $10 last weekend, though. Not as pretty as this one :frowning:

Haven’t the last wine woot-off’s ended with a decanter? Is this the wine version of a monkey?

Having said that, they are really beautiful pieces and I love mine. Almost more as art than functionality, since I tend to vinturi or let the bottle open up on it’s own myself …but for a group setting, it’s perfect.

If you rub the top of the decanter, like you would a glass, it makes a screaming monkey sound.

lol was just going to say, isn’t this the wine.woot version of the BOC?

ahem WD, prove me wrong =p

Lol…Nice :slight_smile: In for 1 as a Xmas present.

How much wine is in the pictured decanter? We already have 2 decanters, so unless this holds a magnum really well, I’m going to pass.

I would be so excited if there was a wine.woot bag of crap. or maybe a half case of crap would be more appropriate?

That’s … incredibly disturbing. I approve :slight_smile:

Was hoping for an early deal on the Emergency Holiday Provisions in the picture. I have the Rhino ready to go for the holidays, just need a red to compliment. My family really gets a kick out of the bottles, and so far we haven’t been let down on any of the Woot Cellar’s offerings. The Monster Magnum went over so well last Thanksgiving.

does anyone have experience with this being able to hold a vinturi in the neck (is that what it’s called?) of the decanter?

Margarita just about shot out my nose when I read this. Thanks for the laugh!

The description says easily holds two bottles. . . .so it might be worth a thought

I have one of these decanters and am happy with it. Looks good and seems to be functional as well.

Isn’t “Hand Blown” a bit of an oxymoron?