Hand Blown Wine Decanter

Hand Blown Wine Decanter
$9.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 WineCountryConnect HandBlown Wine Decanter

Very nice deal… I have the one thats not as slim, but sure is Useful!!

There it is GO!

In for one of these

Definitely have wanted a good decanter for a while now. In for one!

in for one. thank you woot.

WD dropped hints that this will be the last chance you have to get one of these. It’s the end of a massive wholesale purchase, so after tonight, no more decanters!

Get 'em while you can!!

Holy Greenhouses Batman, that’s one hell of a deal!

Here’s the decanter over 24 hours later.

EDIT: Wow, not the end!

Damn, missed it.

Wow, that was so fast.

my own fault for taking a shower, missed it by minutes, dang

No kidding. I’ve been sitting around waiting for a good decanter. Sad Panda Face.

crap! that went faster than a bag of cheeseballs :frowning:

Missed seeing it by minutes…would have stocked up bigtime at that great price as Christmas gifts for neighbors and friends.

Wow. This thing sold out in 3 minutes.

Though, I have to admit, aesthetically I liked the one from the previous woot-off better. But at half the price, I really can’t complain too much. How will this one compare functionally?

Glad I stayed up. Now to crawl into bed. I got my 3.

Damn it! I wait for it, then I go and take a shower and of course I miss it, anyone want to part with one please? I wait for it for 2 days and then the one time I’m not on the computer its offered. Off to work a presentation and will be up most of the night.