Hand Blown Wine Decanter

When you’re done with the presentation, check your PM’s.

Boo, can’t believe I missed this! The early sweetness of having snagged a b of c has now turned to bitterness, my life but an empty… hand-blown decanter?

Wow, this is gorgeous :o If I had been on wine.woot at the time, woulda definitely tried for one! Holler at me if anyone has buyer’s remorse and wants to resell :wink:

Got one! Woot! Well, my gf got one for me. Glad I got in for the last chance :happy:

Dang. I wanted this.

This is really uncool, WineDavid. You teased us on Twitter, made a lot of us staying close to the computer several hours watching for it, then walked away for a few minutes only to find out the deal came and went in less than 5 minutes. This is really uncool!