Hand Crafted Wine Stave Candela

Hand Crafted Wine Stave Candela
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1 Hand Crafted Wine Stave Candela

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I’ve been looking for something like this for the den.

how do you drink it?!?

Blend it with some unoaked Chard and you should have yourself a nice, buttery white that was strangely and paradoxically enough, also stainless steal fermented! :wink:

Edit: no stainless steel. I thought there were bands. Oh well.

buttery chard…i maintain, how do you drink it? :wink:

anyway this thing looks to be 95 bucks, though on sale with free shipping right now for $75 over at calvines.

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I think this would make some excellent ‘mood lighting’. Just tonight I was bemoaning my lack of candles, in fact. This shall be perfect.

I really like the fact that this is recycling stuff. Pretty cool idea, and very cool for a cellar or a wine library, etc.

The candela on their website looks similar but comes with 5 glass votive holders but no votives and retails for $75.

Could I fit glass votive holders in this or are the holes too small?

I thought it was a full size piece too, but the candles in the picture look like the little tea light candles. (edit: the description clearly states it as such)

Still may order it, but not because of the “value” factor.

I’m sorry - I must be missing something. Why do I need one of these?

I think this would look pretty nice on top of the fireplace mantle, but then I guess that kind of defeats the purpose.

Agreed. Neat- but definitely not something I feel I’d ever have a desire for.

I personally love items made out of wine barrels. I already have a Candela that I bought at Regusci during my last Napa trip. I also have an end table made from a barrel head and staves along with a couple of chairs made entirely out of staves. They’re definitely fun pieces and everybody that comes over always comments on them.

If Chris decides to offer any other Woot deals on any more unique items I’d definitely be interested.

And I think this is the perfect accompaniment for a wine tasting party!

I saw outside coolers made out of wine barrels. Fill with ice, add beer, BBQ away. Pretty damn awesome.

Oh! Its a candle holder! That only took me reading the whole description to figure out…

I think I need more wine. Luckily I’ve still got some inZINerator whose nummy taste will make up for illiteracy any day of the week.

Hello Wine Wooters,

We are delighted to be featured on wine.woot.com. We hope the wine stave candela offers a little ambiance to your wine tasting. We look forward to answering any questions.

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I saw that on their website as well, very nice. I didn’t see a price but I’m sure it makes my 200 quart boat cooler seem cheap (when I found it to be quite expensive).