Hand Crafted Wine Stave Candela

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Hand Crafted Wine Stave Candela [New] - $24.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Hand Crafted Wine Stave Candela

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Does this pair better with meat or cheese…

Where is the wine?

So pretty! Love it.


This is cheaper than one I bought for my brother and his wife for x-mas at Costco (due to no tax here). Plus, it has a nicer stain, and comes with votives, whereas the one from Costco didn’t.

These will go fast.

Edit: also compare at $79.99 for similar @ Amazon.


At first, I thought it was a big stick holding 5 shot glasses.

No offense to any wine aficionados, but if I bought this, it would rapidly degenerate into a somewhat classy belly shot holder at my Holiday party.

It is pretty, though.

I have some memorable parties, and I’m long out of college.

Previous Offer

Very similar.

Missed out on this last time, very excited to see it up again! These are 66% off manufacturer’s website.

In for 1.

I wish it was flipped the other way. The description talks about the wine staining the wood but you don’t see that since all you see is the outside of the barrel.

… And had I known the map would sell out so soon after posting I would’ve waited. So anyway.

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Bought this the first time. Very nice looking piece. The finish on the stave is done well, and the grain shows through. We keep it on a sideboard.

This offer looks to have glass votive holders for the candles, rather than just have the votives right in the wood. Easier to change out candles I am sure.

So I am tempted to purchase this version, as it would work better than what we have.

But who would get the old one for Xmas? :slight_smile:

I think this would be an amazing Christmas gift for the folks. Has Woot said anyhting about shipping dates?

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noob question: what’s a stave used for?

ok - ok! i ordered one. not sure if it’s for me or a gift - maybe a gift for me?

Staves are wake make up a wine barrel. Imagine the stave being vertical and encircled with other staves and compressed by metal rings.

That’s in the plan when we get to the automated phase. As it is right now, there’s a lot of manual processing to do this, and since we all have jobs we pretend to attend to, it makes it hard to be super-customizable beyond “What list do you want”.

Hey, Beavis! He said, “Bung Hole” … heheh huh huh heh heheh

Seen these in CA wineries.

Half the time they are nothing but an old stave with holes drilled in them with a spade bit (a sign of cheap workmanship). If the maker doesn’t own a Forstner bit to make the holes smooth on the bottom, the candles/holders will not seat properly.

Has this shipped yet?