Hand-Painted Ceramic Coaster Set

Hand-Painted Ceramic Coaster Set
$6.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Sophia’s Vineyard Hand Painted Ceramic Coaster 4 Pack

Unfortunately this doesn’t come with wine.

So far this woot off is saving me $$.

I like these, but I got 2 sets of nice coasters for a wedding gift back in August, so I have no need for them.

I’m hoping to catch the J. Dusi Zin and Port since I didn’t get it last time.

Fingers crossed.


Wasn’t expecting to find coaster sets on wine woot, but these are really nice! May have to go in for a set.


These look similar at $15.95 not including shipping.

I’d rather buy plain coasters and have my 12 year old daughter paint grapes on them…


And this seems to be the Artist’s web page. She’s from Asheville, NC.

I have been in need of a nice coaster set. $26 seems a bit expensive for a set of 12, but just may go for it b/c the quality seems good. Anyone have these already?

I’d REALLY like to see the 2005 Jana Winery Cathedral (or any of the vintages) come up. That would totally make my day, nay week, nay month and a perfect way to celebrate finishing 26 2011 tax returns. Why does each state have to make it so difficult. Isn’t the IRS big enough to handle distribution of taxes to the states??? (No, not starting a states rights discussion ;))

In for three. These will be nice to use at home or donate for door prizes at my wine club.

Same here…so far, CS, party napkins, Dolce wine, Wall sconce, CS, Coaster set. Think I’m seeing a pattern here. Thanks woot. My bank account needed a break.

Really thinking about this, but this would amount to 3 bucks a coaster. And I do have a tendency to break them.

+1 to that!

I actually used to use a WineAlyzer for teaching intro wine classes back in the late '80’s. Nothing like seeing people putting that vial of mercaptan up to their nose and inhaling deeply.

I’ve always found it curious to have a wine-themed coaster. Since I always drink wine out of stemware, I don’t use a coaster (no condensation with reds, and it doesn’t make sense to me to increase the risk of spillage and breakage by raising the center of gravity any further). Unless I’m dribbling (which might be the case after my dentist appointment this afternoon), I can’t see the need other than for decoration.

Having stated the functional view, I also think these would make great “hostess” gifts for when we go to parties and dinners.

If the W00T gods are taking requests… I would love some more juice from B Cellars. NOM NOM NOM!

If the W00t gods are taking requests, I would LOVE something from B-Cellars…


These are real nice. One set for me and the other two are gifts.

In for three as well. $25/set retail on her website. We have been adding more wine decor to the house, so these will go nicely.