Hand-Painted Modern Art Reproductions

Modern art reproductions…and all this time I thought those were called “forgeries.” Silly me.

Again with the pictures that convey a much larger painting then what is being sold? Come on WOOT! Look at “the Dance” as a perfect example…theres no way that picture shown is 24x20 unless that’s half scale furniture underneath.

We don’t get samples of these and use the vendor’s lifestyle photos.

It’s like a really fancy version of those posters we all had in college. Klimt’s The Kiss is springing to mind.

I’m not sure that you addressed the underlying issue. Namely, that the image displayed, what you are calling the “vendor’s lifestyle photos”, are making a representation to the customer that has no basis in reality.

That these are provided to you and that you are abdicating any responsibility for is not an excuse for them being deliberately misleading.

I always thought Woot relied on providing things people wanted, or felt they needed… not trickery and faked photos to misrepresent and sell product.

Sorry, TT, it’s still simply misleading. No excuse for that.