Handheld Steam Birdie

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Handheld Steam Birdie
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2/6/2014 - $34.99 (Woot Plus)


This looks like a ray-gun to me. A secret, water vapor ray-gun eraticating wrinkles everywhere…muahhhh.

Time to check out the product page and a handful of solid reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Pretty sure they used this in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

My wife has an arthritis condition and cleaning really difficult to clean surfaces, such as sinks, range surfaces, shower glass and the like is painful for her to do. So I told her that I would do them at regular intervals and she need not worry about them anymore.

So for months I used steel wool pads and a lot of elbow grease and would get the job done…but it was not easy. That’s when I noticed this item on Woot about 2 years ago. It was almost identical to this and it could be the same brand, so I ordered one. That turned out to be one of the smartest things I ever did!

It’s MUCH EASIER to use the power of steam rather than soap and brute force. Not only that, the surfaces you clean turn out to be much cleaner. You must try it on range grating and grills…what a time saver. I think I may buy another one, as I’ve put a lot of time and wear on the one that I have.

You know that fedora I told you I don’t have - in the poll a few pages back? This would probably be nice to reshape the brim and crown.

Same price after shipping as the popular one on Amazon. However, this one has a 16.4 ft power cord vs 12 ft, and 1500 watts vs 1050 watts. There was a reviewer on what seems to be the same model different brand who said it caught fire!

what better way to get those wrinkles out

This exact model is $45.96 + $9.78 S&H on Amazon… more than a 35% difference even after TT&L. Reviews are mostly good, though there are only 7 total.

Think I might get one.

This exact model is $45.96 + $9.78 S&H on Amazon… more than a 35% difference even after TT&L. Reviews are mostly good, though there are only 7 total.

Think I might get one.

Does this eject steam UNDER PRESSURE or does it just clean by using hot steam? Reason I ask, I bought one of the steam mops recently that also lets you clean by pulling the reservoir off the unit — but the steam isn’t pressurized, so while it does clean it doesn’t but up grit by itself.

I bought this exact model from Woot a few months ago. It works great and I really love it. I’ve considered upgrading to a different one, with perhaps more control over the steaming time but this was my introduction to steam cleaning, and it definitely does the job. I’m glad I got it.

I would also like to know this, if it is under pressure I’m IN!

The steam comes out under pressure until you’ve used up some steam, then it takes time to build up some pressure. Either way, with or without pressure, it works just fine. I’ve been using this machine for years and I tell you that you will not believe what happens when the steam comes into contact with oily surfaces, such as your cooking range, glass on shower stalls, soap dishes, range tops and any other gritty, oily surfaces. You will conclude, as I have, that this item is worth its weight in gold (just a figure of speech).

As I previously mentioned, the steam does come out under pressure but, as you can see it’s not a very large reservoir, so it may take up to 15 seconds to build up more steam. However, I found that pressure is not really needed to do a good cleaning job. What I do is heat the surface up with the steam birdie in one hand and wipe it down with a cloth in the other. That alone removes any oily, soapy or grimy build up on the surface you are cleaning. If you find that you like this item half as much as I do, you will be a happy camper.

How is it with clothes? Steaming out wrinkles, etc.?

How well would it work on mildew in the shower?

Actually it will work well on mildew, but if you really want to do it right, spray or wipe on some bleach full strength and the mildew will immediately die. I use this system on my boat and on one side of the house where the cedar does not get a lot of sun. I do the house with a power washer to which I attached a big jug of bleach. Works great.