Handley Cellars Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris - 3 Pack

wahey Top and nabbed a BOC! . That’s looting for Americans :slight_smile:

So, last time’s wooting, and there are some pretty pics in there, incuding of texicaliali on her visit!

I seem to remember posting that Hugh Johnson recommends their Pinot Noir, chard and Gewurz from Anderson Valley.

Handley Cellars Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris - 3 Pack
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2007 Pinot Noir Anderson Valley
1 2009 Pinot Gris Anderson Valley
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Previous offer:

I know Cesare will have these up before I finish, but they weren’t when I started.
2 2007 PINOT NOIR Anderson Valley
1 2009 PINOT GRIS Anderson Valley

From the PinotFile:

2007 Handley Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

14.2% alc., pH 3.55, 4,029 cases, $30. Released in the fall 2009. Multiple vineyard sources (35% Estate Martini clone) throughout the Anderson Valley with 10% Potter Valley fruit. Aged 10 months in 30% new French oak barrels. · Subdued but pleasing scent of ripe berry jam. Silky textured core of black cherry and berry fruit with a hint of savory herbs. A lively grip of acidity on the finish makes you yearn for another sip. Good, and a solid value. Reviewed June 8, 2010

Edit: Doesn’t appear to be a particularly good deal, value-wise.

this is the one deal I was referring to during our NorCal gathering last Saturday night that everyone should jump on. The quality of Handley wines are truly impressive. This feature - drink the Pinot Gris now and save the Pinot Noir for the first fall & chilly night. The Pinot Noir - big fruit and silky texture.

Handley has quite the following among chefs and restaurants - their wines are designed for foodies. The labrat reports are right on target - well those who managed to save a glass before they sat down to dinner!

I cannot even see what percentages of wine is bought because of all the ads on the woot page…

do want to try the PN, especially since it has a HJ recommendation too .However, the winery is offering it at $21 so if I can pick it up, or get good shipping to norcal that’s my preferred deal.
However to most people located in most places, woot’s shipping wins out of course!


After reading the review, then your edit, I am confused by your edit comments. Please explain why it is not a good deal.

On the Handley site they are offering the 2007 pinot noir for $21:


and the 2009 pinot gris for $12.60


So that’s $54.60 total, or about the same as the Woot offering. (don’t know about tax and shipping)

Need to build my PN stock back up, any info on how this wine is rated as in pts? Is this an ‘autobuy’ for anyone?

CT indicates average price for the Pinot Noir is $25.76 and the Pinot Gris is 14.03. Total average is $65.52 vs Woots total of $62.00.

With respect to the price, I believe this wine is an incredible value. While many wooters (myself included) judge a woot by the %savings from other available sources, this wine is extremely well priced retail as well as on this woot. Quite frankly this is one of the best pinot noirs I have seen. Autobuy on Handley reds.

This is my labrat report from the earlier offering:

First Time LabRat here. Looks like a lot of first timers from a glance at the board. Sorry for the late reply here, but in my defense I did email my comments to Terry at WCC yesterday!

Well before I delve into the details, just wanted to say thanks woot! you brightened up my day with one of the best foodie wines I have ever had!

This is my first experience as a Lab Rat and I am 22 years old, so apologies in advance if my description below is lacking. Having gone to school in Montreal, my experience and love is with the french cotes du rhone villages and bordeaux styles.

I sniffed the bottle and it immediately gave the impression of depth, character, and richness over the other Pinor Noirs I have had. In fact, it would hold its own against any varietal. I liken the smell to a great mouthy steak glaze. In fact I know a steak at Del Friscos that has waited its entire life to meet this smell.

When poured into a glass I smelled some alcohol, but in a sweet and not overpowering way. First sip and slosh opened my eyes - this is not your 2 buck chuck. It had this complex taste that I couldn’t put my finger on, but it was good. I could taste a hint of fruit, but like jamba juice not overpowering jam. The wine is crying desperately for a steak that I do not have. After polishing off the glass, I can’t hold back the frustration that I do not have steak. This wine is a SWMBO, it will let you know what it wants.

30 minutes in a decanter and the smell of alcohol is gone; it no longer screams for steak, but for cheese. How amazing would this be with a beautiful piece of Brie/Camembert and a slice of sopressata or other dried meat right now. The winemaker must be a genius, since he made this wine scream for the greatest foods. Now I am starving and frustrated.

[30 minutes later]
Went out and got some sopressata and cut it with my slicer. This is incredible. the spice fits perfectly with the clean beautiful taste of the wine. My mother is not a wino by any means, but what she said translates to: Mmm, other wines are harsh/acidic at first, but this is different. You can immediately tell this is quality.

This is what wine should be: A good time with a bit of mystery, character, and class. I want to date this wine. (Don’t tell my girlfriend).
First: Mystery with hints of jamba juice. Second: NEED STEAK. Third: NEED CHEESE + jambajuice.

Overall, this is a solid buy and I would not hesitate to go in for the pinot noir alone. If you happen to have a bunch of dry aged steaks lying around, this is your winner. My value guess was $45 retail and $25 woot. Looks like we’ve got quite a deal here!!!

//Clarification $45/$25 per bottle, not deal.

Great review, thanks!

Attention Wooters: Please note that the Pinot Noir referred to above is the Handley MENDOCINO Pinot Noir, NOT the Anderson Valley. Mendocino Pinot is a lower price point to start…This offer is 30% off our Anderson Valley Pinot Noir pricing. Enjoy!

I am having trouble getting my wine…this was back on the 17th and it still has not been shipped…is anyone else having this problem??