Handpresso Wild Hand-Pump Portable Espresso Maker

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Handpresso Wild Hand-Pump Portable Espresso Maker
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Importika Handpresso HPWILD Wild 16-Bar Hand-Pump Portable Espresso Machine

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Here it is at Amazon

how long does it take to brew a cup of joe with this?

I’ve heard these are not as good as the Mypressi Twist, another portable espresso device. This one only uses pre-ground “pod” coffee. An additional part is required for using your own coffee.

Um, what is an E.S.E. Pod?

Will it work on my Mac?

Yes, because I’ve just been sitting around all night waiting for a hand-pump portable espresso maker…

News flash… If I’m not at home and I’m dying for an Espresso, well that’s what God invented Starbucks for…

wow, that’s high tech.

Thanks, but I’ll stick with my Aeropress.
And its ability to use any coffee at all.

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i thought this was a fancy leaf blower at first

would have been great for in the library when i was in college…

This would be absolutely perfect for me…
…if I needed an espresso maker and
…if I needed one with a hand-pump and
…if I needed it to be portable and
…if I didn’t hate coffee.

This isn’t the Domepod model, unfortunately.

The Domepod allows you to add your own ground coffee beans. This version, the regular Handpresso wild, requires that you MUST use compatible pre-ground espresso modules (sort of like K-Cups).

I has a sad.

These normally go for big $$$, im surprised to see one so cheap.

this would be dangerous at my work. i can only imagine all that pumping leads to HUGE biceps. thats the last thing we need. totally ripped caffeine laced claims adjusters.

Espresso provides caffeine/energy to pump espresso maker to make more esspresso.

Boom, perpetual motion. Take that physicists.

It’s for the hipster on the go!

PS: Basically, this device works like a bicycle pump. You pump the tube full of pressure. Then you add hot water and the pod. When you’re ready, you hold it over the cup and let the pressure go to work.

If this were the domepod version, I’d be in for three. But I hate having to use pre-ground, stale beans from elsewhere. Especially since I’m a big Segafredo fan, which is hard to find here.

By the way, would you like step by step instructions on how this works?

I need “Woot” to be a separate line in my budget. WANT.

Starbucks is for emergency use only, even then it should be taken in moderation.