Handpresso Wild Hand-Pump Portable Espresso Maker

what is it?

Wild Hand-Pumping Action!

I have one. Makes a great gift!

In for 2!

If you put the BuckyBalls in this thing you can squeeze out the quicksilver from the magical BuckyBalls, drink it! Presto…Your invisible! Great for parties, I’m in for 2!!

Dang. I thought it was a hair dryer.

Looks like a crack pipe.

It makes Espresso from ESE pods…

I use it on the “Tour de Taco”, when we stop at taco joints which do not serve espresso…

i so wish this was true

If it was… it would of been sold out by now lol

why aren’t the woot lights flashing? This can’t be the last one, can it? BOC?

this looks pretty useful about now at this time…

yum TaKos and Xpresso

Yeah, there are a lot of crack heads and crack pots on this site. lol

quality post.

The lights are still flashing. You just need to hit refresh to reload the graphic.

Agreed… Zzz

Your father wanted you to have this…when you were old enough.

Has anyone tried these?