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I had never even heard of a “Hurdy Gurdy” until I saw this girl - "Over the Hills and Far Away" - Patty Gurdy (Gary Moore / Nightwish Hurdy Gurdy Cover) - YouTube - on g@@gletube. She is amazing and does a fantastic job of that song. Plus… now I know something new that I didn’t before :cowboy_hat_face:


about the classic movie “Captains Courageous “?

classic film smile GIF by FilmStruck

Never heard this song?

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I know I’m slipping in my old age, but… huh???

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Probably Spencer Tracy’s best film, from 1937
He plays a hurty-gurty in the movie

Ahhh… I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of his movies. But… even at that, I doubt he looks as good playing it as Patty does :wink:

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Now, I like some of Donovan’s stuff (“Atlantis” is one of my favorites) but, no… I’ve never heard that one.

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