Handsome Manbags

Once again, my white (shedding) cats have saved me money.

My best bag is one made from a truck tire inner-tube! I can put it in the shower and hose it down.

Thanks Kiki and Levi!

These look really useful!!

Oh jeez. I’m a lady. But I want to break these rules and get a man-bag.

Girlfriend, you do you.

The AVI-8 apparently has `anti silver hardware’ according to the specs!?

Possibly not a good choice for burglars.

Yeah, I want a man-bag too. But some of those tote bags look suspiciously like lady bags, and that concerns me. I’d hate it if I got all brave and who-cares-what-people-think and bought a man bag and it turned out that it was just another danged lady bag.

uhh since when is it acceptable for a man to carry, for instance, the white canvas tote with the big obvious lady bag handles on it? Not cool designers! Not cool!

Man bags can only have big detachable shoulder straps, look like tool bags, messenger bags, cargo shorts, or must have backpack straps (like many of them on here do).

Otherwise it’s a lady bag, or just pure metro.


Boyfriend, you do you, too. How would they know if it were actually a lady bag, ya know? Why are they looking at your bag so closely!? Why do you care about those haters!

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Enough with the murses woot! Guys, really… Either be a man and carry only what you need in some cargo pockets on your shorts/pants, or carry a backpack. Otherwise you may as well strap on a fanny pack and prance. No hate intended to those overly emotional/easily offended people, but murses are very unmanly!