Handtools and Organizers 2: Down Under

Looks like the cool kids get Lineman’s Pliers cheaper:


same p/n for $24.99…

I bought the Greenlee 6" adjustable wrench last time it was up. Warning: it didn’t come with the grip covering shown in the photo. But I gladly kept it because it was the best adjustable wrench I’ve handled. (I have Crescent, Craftsman, Husky, maybe others…) The adjustment is just smoother and there is less play in the jaws. It is much easier to use.

(Wow, looks like all the tools that caught my eye part of the same deal. Oh well, another comment.)

I bought the Jorgensen Clamps last time they were offered and received only one clamp in the “20 piece” set. Eventually CS made it OK, but only after I returned the single clamp. (They couldn’t refund 19/20ths of the price, I could only get a full refund after returning the mislabeled items.) From the last discussion thread I wasn’t the only one with that problem.

I may gamble they’ve fixed the issue, because this is a good price.

Someone somewhere broke apart our packs. :angry:

They’re back to 20-pack bundles so all should be good.

I bought the Knipex linesmen back in May when they were offered here. Then the next time I saw them (July), I posted how much I liked them, and bought up a couple back-up pairs. Now after 7 months, I’d say they’ve held together, stayed sharp much better than previous Klein/Channel Lock brands I’ve purchased. The price is good (even at $2 more) for a high quality tool.

I bought the Knipex High Leverage Lineman New England with Tape Puller and Crimper along with the alligator pump plier. The quality is excellent. The only thing that I didnt like was that the linemans pliers where rusted on the outside where the pin joins the two pieces together. I dindnt say anything because I needed them and thought that a good lubing would do the trick, but it did not. Its almost as if they where sitting on water. Good tools.

Regarding the: Task T92013 13-Piece Quick-Change Titanium-Coated HSS Drill Bit Set

I bought this to use with my Dremel cordless screwdriver which has a magnetic socket. I really only wanted the 2 smaller bits as most bits sold individually have aluminum shafts.

Plus: Steel quick-change shaft works well with magnetic drivers.

Minus: Not all drill bits centered on the shaft. Not much of an issue when using the Dremel. Didn’t come in a sturdy plastic case that you can reuse.