Handtools & Tool Organizers

So how good is the warranty when the company has already expired. Seems that the name BlackRhino has been bought by SPG out of Utah. the company that puts all the Browning and bone collector logos on truck stop crap…

save your money and get a harborfreight toolset for $10 then when it breaks you have someplace local to go get a replacement.

The Tuf-E-Nuf drill set seems decent to me after a few uses, just be aware that it will take you about 45 minutes to get them out of the ridiculous clamshell package they come in. You may even manage to do it with less than half a dozen cuts on your hands.

Socket set is SAE (inch) sizes. Who uses those anymore?

Uhm, just about everyone, at least in the US?

Woot, I think it’s time to hire someone who knows tools for these sales pitches, you keep getting my hopes up and not having anything related to the title. Just as there were no pneumatic tools in the “Astropneumatic” sale a couple weeks ago, there are no items in this sale used to “clean up your messy workshop”… Two tool belts and a tool pouch hardly qualify this list as “tool organizers”

Totally a fair complaint- what would you call this sale instead?

I dunno, maybe “Hand tools and the belts that love them” off the top of my head.

I’m no poet, just think the names should be based on what’s for sale instead of just throwing around shop words and giving the impression that I’m gonna find some things in there to organize my shop (or air tools with the astropneumatic thing).

edit - by the way I don’t have many posts so I hope you don’t take my comments the wrong way. I love woot!