Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Tees 6-Pack

Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Tees 6-Pack

Honestly, I do not think they are soft, at all. Nothing against Woot here, they’re pretty decently thick, just no where near soft.

just added more inventory in XL and XXL.

I’m in. Hard to go wrong for $3.67 per shirt.

Pocket t’s please.

Too bad - my husband needs tall sizes. Nothing else fits right. Would be all over decently priced Large Talls.


Exactly. I’m 6’4" and a 2XLT size would be perfect. I’d buy several dozen!

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Tagless my ass, 4 of mine showed up worth tags. Woot must be a bunch of emo’s because every color I got of the ”5” different colors were either dark blue, black or dark brown. Very disappointed in the colors and tags.

They’re not ComfortSoft and not at all soft plus all have tags. I received 2 pair of the same color so only 4 different colors.

Hi @specialTed & @rndabney: sorry these didn’t meet your (or our) expectation. Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I also only got four colors. And all the colors are pretty boring, nothing like the pic. Two black, three red, one beige.

:frowning: Sorry.

Contact Woot customer service so they can help you.

I wish I received the other colors in the photo. I got 2 blacks, 2 reds, 1 burgundy and 1 taupe. And I’m not a fan of the color red. Kind of a bummer.