Hang On, Nobody Simply Walk Into Mordor For a Second

I guess this makes The Lord of the Rings a contact sport.

Umm… Family Guy did this joke first. FAIL!

“Gollum? GOLLUM? Can you please go see to any new guests while I clean up this mess?”

A clever shirt premise alone, but the title made me literally laugh out-loud. LOL, you guys, for real.

He may have to go to his back-up monocle.

I can’t help but think of the gag from Family Guy where Sauron lost his contact lens…like this shirt.

Funny shirt and a good joke. Unfortunately everyone will mark you a rabid Family Guy fan for wearing this shirt.


Getting warmer…warmer…

nerdgasum alert!

Some nice textures on this one for sure. The rocky terrain in the foreground and the volcano smoke are particularly great-- I could definitely learn something from Tony and Jason’s techniques.

Much like Sam doesn’t get Sauron, I don’t get this shirt. What’s with the bowl and those letters or whatever it is that The Eye is messing with?

Edit: oh, I see now, it’s a contact lens. Hmph, guess I should get my own prescription adjusted…

Does Woot pull shirts for plagiarism when the joke is ripped off but the design is original? Guess we’ll know soon!

’Ainu.’ That’s not all that helpful, really.

Are you saying Sauron is Japanese?

As others have said, it’s been done before.

Was going to link the YouTube Family Guy clip, but deleted because too many people beat me to it. Damn you all and your superior Google-fu!

Best. Color. Description. Ever.

It’s tag team on the art week. Nice flame colors. But not going to get buddy buddy with the eye; saw where that got Saruman.

Agreed HUGE fail on this one! I know you are allowed to use intellectual property if you make it a parody… What about a parody of a parody!!!

That eye really looks inflamed. Try some Visine.