Hangers 18

Any idea how long the skirt hangers are?

They’re suuuuper long! No, just kidding, I don’t have any idea. I just emailed the buyer to see if we can find out though. I’ll post back when I have more info.

Thanks, tried Googleing to find the details and ended up circling back to here.

Great, now Dave Mustaine’s in my head. Thanks, W00t…

Ikea is considerably cheaper for virtually identical wooden hangers, 3.99/8 for natural and 4.99/8 for white, black, or gray/brown vs. over $1 apiece here. I have a ton of these, soliid and not one broken in several years.


Here you go. Sorry it took so long.

The clips will side the maximum length from clip to clip is 12.75”. The minimum length is 11”.

Thanks TT.
To short for what I needed something like that for though. :frowning:
The search continues.