Hanging Strawberry Pouch & 10 Bare Root Plants

how tall is this thing? can it hang on a regular 6’ privacy fence? or is it 2-sided and needs to be hung somewhere in the middle or on a tree branch?

I don’t have a definitive answer, but judging from similar products online, I’d guess it’s about 2’ tall, and designed to hang on a fencepost or wall hook, i.e. not double sided. If you are going to hang it from a branch, you’d probably need to use a really sturdy metal hook, or a chain with an S-hook wrapped over a thick branch, like 4" or better and not way out from the trunk. These things can get REALLY heavy once you’ve filled them with soil, water, and a few feet of plants hanging out of them. Sure would be sad to have it laying on the ground, destroyed after the branch snaps from having 50# hanging off it in a wind storm or something. I’d stick with a fencepost or a really solid shepherd’s hook.