Hangtime Arroyo Seco Pinot Noir (6)

Hangtime Arroyo Seco Pinot Noir 6-Pack
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2012 Hangtime Arroyo Seco Pinot Noir, Force Canyon Vineyard
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Price seems good on these for a arroyo seco vineyard designate PN. Not much online about these though.

Mods Please fix the features tab, wine for sale is 2012 the write up under features is for a 2011.

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Oregon wooters are the PN experts and I don’t see much activity from them yet. Anybody have any tasting notes?

Ditto on the tasting notes… I’m in dire need of some PN, but there isn’t much available on this wine - and nothing for this vintage.

Hopefully someone posts something.


MERRY CHRISTMAS back you Fred!

Perhaps some of those who are buying today can offer up their rationale?


Merry Christmas, all.

I kept checking back throughout the day for notes, as I’m not overly familiar with pinot from Arroyo Seco (and pinot, as a rule for me, can be quite hit or miss), but there looks like potential on this offer. Alas, no notes means I am a bit too shy to go in on this.

Excited to see whether woot sticks with non-wine Thursdays tomorrow or gives us a nice Christmas present!!

Hello everyone - I hope you all enjoyed your holiday! Below are the tasting notes:
Arroyo Seco
Force Canyon Vineyard

The HANGTIME 2011 Pinot Noir Force Canyon Vineyard demonstrates the superior quality of Pinot Noir from a cool-climate region in which the grapes enjoy a long “hangtime” on the vine. By focusing in the winemaking process on the concentrated flavors cool-climate grapes develop, Hangtime winemaker Tony Coltrin crafts consistently delicious wines that eloquently express their appellation of origin and unique site terroir. We named this wine after a key part of viticulture – the amount of time grapes spend hanging on the vines ripening to perfection. The longer it takes to reach that peak of ripeness within the growing season, the more concentrated the fruit character emerges, resulting in a wine with distinctive and delicious varietal expression. Winemaker Tony Coltrin keeps a close eye on the clusters hanging in the vineyard in order to decide exactly how many days on the vine they need to attain complete maturity. For our 2011 Pinot Noir, that ideal number turned out to be, on average, 140 days.

ARROYO SECO, FORCE CANYON VINEYARD - Nestled against the cool Central Coast’s Santa Lucia Mountains, the Arroyo Seco AVA claims one of California’s longest grape-growing seasons. Arroyo Seco’s alluvial, gravelly and sandy loam soils, coupled with cool breezes from Monterey Bay, offer the optimal growing conditions for an extended ripening period. This ensures the slow, steady development of impressively concentrated flavors balanced by natural acidity. Featuring steep canyon walls and excellent water drainage, the Force Canyon vineyard in Arroyo Seco is an ideal location for growing high quality, concentrated Pinot Noir grapes.

WINE DETAILS - The grapes for Hangtime 2011 Arroyo Seco Force Canyon Vineyard Pinot Noir were on the vine for an average of 140 days, developing intense, balanced fruit flavors. Tony Coltrin aged the wine in 100% French oak barrels, 33% new, for seven months to add roundness and a zesty spice tone. A season that ensured slow and even fruit ripening produced a rich Pinot Noir with lovely rose petal aromas combined with supple blackberry and red raspberry flavors, and hints of chocolate, followed by a long, lingering finish. This is a wine with excellent acidity and balance. The tannins are soft but firm, which allows the wine to be enjoyed with a variety of meats from grilled salmon, rosemary chicken, and baked ham, to marinated lamb chops and lighter pastas.