Hangtime Cellars 2008 Chardonnay, Central Coast - 6 Pack

Here is my review. I run a small wine blog called Semi-Pro wine Aficionados. Some here may whince at my review but we try to really not be technical because the population at large has “wine” shopping issues- you know that moment where you stare at labels or buying the same thing the hot girl did?

4/16/11 Overall:
Nope, Michael Jordan has nothing to do with it. The name refers to how long the grapes hung on the vine. In fact, they print it on every label.

Hangtime is a medium-bodied chardonnay led by an aroma of perfectly blended vanilla, green apples and pear. Take that waft toward your palate, have it pass through some oak and your, “duh, winning”.

It finishes with a creaminess but light enough where you can drink it all night. Hangtime would be a great wine for a full-scale party, small gathering or a personal “feel bad for me” depressing moment. It would absolutely show you know what you’re doing and because of the price, you could buy a few bottles and not feel timid about opening them all.

May the weather get better soon.

I’m just across Wilson Bridge in NOVA
If you need/want a ‘WootLeg’ send me a PM
I’m at work but checking the woot-off pretty regularly

What happened? I thought wine woot-offs alternated wines and other products. Are we going to get back to that?

You hit it right on the head – not every winery has gotten a license for MD. I guess if they think they won’t make back the cost of licensing, they don’t bother with it. That said, a few wineries that sell here have offered MD shipping of late, and as time goes by I imagine you’ll see more & more. Something to look forward to!

has anyone gotten theirs? I got the fedex number where they printed the shipping label and to ship it on the 22nd. Still hasnt progressed beyond that. :frowning:

Is this stuff EVER going to ship? It’s been nearly a month and I only get FedEx to say it has been “initiated” - whatever that means. Will I have it in time for Thanksgiving??