Hangtime Chardonnay (6)

Hangtime Chardonnay 6-Pack
Sold by: Folio Wine Company, LLC
$49.99 $114.00 56% off List Price
2009 Hangtime Chardonnay, Arroyo Seco, Monterey County, Central Coast

Anyone have comments from a previous purchase?

The only other time this wine was offered on wine.woot was in March 2011, and that was a 2008 vintage. This one is old enough that without knowing anything about it, I’d be concerned about how well it has aged.

hmmm, 7 year old bottle of chard…does white wine even last that long?

Plenty of really good ones do. Clark Smith doesn’t even release some of his until they’re at least that old. His 2004 Faux Chablis is spectacular right now.

EDIT: Though I hate to go off the thread for the Hangtime, Clark’s 2005 Chard is on wine.woot plus for another day or so.

Probably too late with this message. I bought it. The answer is that it DID NOT keep. Undrinkable. Yuk,