Hangtime Wines

Hangtime Wines

Hangtime Wines 2006 Dry Creek Valley, Mounts Vineyard Syrah 3-Pack
$67.99 (Normally $105.00) 35% off List Price
2006 Dry Creek Valley, Mounts Vineyard Syrah

Hangtime Central Coast 2008 Chardonnay 6-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $90.00) 33% off List Price
2008 Central Coast Chardonnay

Hangtime Wines Sample 6-Pack
$89.99 (Normally $105.00) 14% off List Price
2008 Central Coast Chardonnay
2006 Dry Creek Valley, Mounts Vineyard Syrah
2010 Force Canyon Vineyard, Pinot Noir

Pricing correct???..$20 a bottle for the Dry Creek Syrah at their representative Mondavi website

Hangtime Mounts Vineyard Syrah 2006
Website List Price $20.00 vs woot suggested list of $35.

Hangtime Arroyo Seco Chardonnay 2009 appears slightly understated Website List Price of $15.99 vs woot suggested list price of 15.00

Confirmed Syrah suggested retail is $35.00

you are right on the $15.99 SRP, but close enough…

WD…NOT SO!.. Go to http://www.michaelmondavifamilyestate.com/buy-wines/hangtime The suggested retail may be as you stated at $35 per bottle but it is selling on that site for $20 per bottle! That is Hangtime’s retail Sales Outlet.

With respect to the Chard. Can you comment on malolactic fermentation and impact on the wine’s characteristics. Thanks.

Suggested retail does not always = actual/current retail.
Like the Meeker Kiss Ridge Cab that had a suggested retail of $85 but was being sold at an actual retail price of around $45 at the winery and offered here for under $30.

Double Checking. thanks for the heads up.

I opened a bottle of 2010 Hangtime Arroyo Seco Pinot Noir to review tonight.

Pop’n’Pour(PnP) at 68˚F:
Magenta color. A pleasantly sweet nose of blackberry, cherry, something floral (violet?), slight oak, cocoa and a touch of earth. Nice acidity on the attack but lacking dimension in the mid-palate with blackberry and oak. The wine has a decent finish with cherry, vanilla and something slightly bitter(juniper berry?). Lots of fine tannin!

10 min.:
The nose has intensified quite a bit, with cherry coming to the forward and the addition of cardamon. Mid-palate has a little plum poking through. No significant change on the finish.

30 min.:
There is a sweet oak character that is coming through and really balancing out the nose with fruit and spice.

1 hour:
Mid-palate is much bigger than PnP; still blackberry, plum and oak. Tannin hasn’t died down a bit.

2 hours:
Nose is still full of fruit, sweet oak and spice. Mid-palate is bigger and finish is more intense. This wine definitely benefited from some air time! Tannin is finally starting to let up a tad, but just a tad.

This is a medium/full bodied pinot that would go great with food; the acidity would easily cut through fatty foods. It’s not the most complex wine but has a great nose that you can enjoy for hours! With the low alc., tannin and pH levels, I’d say this wine could easily age another 5-7 years.

Hear what you are saying, but at least that deal was priced below current retail, which is what I would expect on woot. Don’t know why the Syrah is priced above current retail… Marginal deal at best with $5 shipping, but have far greater expectations on pricing from woot!

Had a bottle of the chardonnay in the cellar, so I popped it last night to get some notes for everyone.

On PnP the nose has a bit of heat initially but quickly diminished. Honey and a hint of toasted oak on the nose.On the palate, picking up a bit of oak on the front with melon. No real minerality or depth yet. Medium acidity with a short/medium length finish with a hint of spice. Mouthfeel is good with a decent weight on the mid palate.
After 30 minutes still picking up honey and oak on the nose. Starting to detect a bit of green apple on the palate. Finish is getting longer, medium to medium plus, and is getting a bit creamier.
This wine held up well over 2 hours so there is still plenty of life remaining in this one. Overall, not a complex chardonnay, but a nice easy drinker with moderate acidity that will stand up to food well. I found the roundness of the wine with the medium weight to be nice on its own as a sipper. Great QPR at $11 delivered. Going to check and see what I have room for….

Fitting for me to round out the trifecta of tasting notes. Opened a bottle of the syrah.

Dark purple in the glass, a bit of heat initially on the nose. Not much fruit on the nose but a bit of dark fruit and a touch of spice. On the palate this was surprising lightweight given the color and legs. Dark fruit leaning a bit toward cherry. Little to no mid palate, medium tannin and medium acidity. A bit of tannin grit. Initial a short finish.

After 1 hour decant the nose has opened up a bit. More mid palate, but still thin. Finish has improved to medium. I do prefer the style of cool climate syrah vs dry creek as they typically have more complexity. This wine does have a nice spiciness that I like in my dry creek zins, but trying to resolve if I like it in this syrah. Recommend pairing with food, as the tannins really dry the palate as a sipper.

This may improve with time as the tannins resolve and smooth out the finish even more.

Is the Chard 100% chard grapes?