HannsG 19 inch 8ms LCD Monitor - $109.99 After Mail in Rebate

SHopzilla’s List of 19" Monitors for $110 or less… decided to start with the ‘more’ useful link… even though woot is a solid deal if you trust the brand…

BizRate’s Deal for this Woot

Shopzilla’s Deal for this Woot

Smarter.com’s Deal for this Woot

6.7 user rating on CNET

… enjoy the usefulness of those links… i gotta get back to my netflix… holler.

bsod is an nice touch

Love the Blue Screen of Death!

NOt bad, should be good for games with that response rate

Hann’s what? Never heard of this brand…anyone else?

yeah, gotta love the blue screen of death lol

Huh? Way too expensive compare to OD deal earlier.

150h by 135v viewing angle? That’s pretty narrow. Not for the sloucher, I guess.

Though still, for $110, that’s not too bad.

Excellent Monitor! I am looking at it now! Excellent price!

Some pricing for the blue screen of death…

SecretPrices … $109.99 AR

Froogle … $217.99

Dude… 19" monitor for $114 and you’re COMPLAINING. Wow.

Yeah, I own two HC194D for dual screen setup. Very Nice.

BSOD ROCKS! and it is not even a refurb, but would like to rather have a nice bowl of concrete!

newegg.com has it for $189.99 without a mail in rebate if you don’t swing that way.

I have a Hanns-G JW199D which is a 5ms 19" Widescreen with DVI and VGA. I run it with DVI at its native resolution of 1440x900 and I love it. If you’re going to complain about the quality of this monitor look at the price (even before rebate) if you want CRT-ish quality on a 19" you’re going to have to look at Samsung or some other top notch brand and also look a little deeper into your wallet. In the price range, these things are great. Don’t be leery of the brand name, they’re solid.

darn the mail in rebate. i would buy it but i hate mail in rebates gona just get the $129 one from bestbuy on black friday

whats with the blue screen of death?

I bought this at office Depot 10 days ago as a Birthday present for my Girlfriend.

Great picture and we are happy with it, but I paid 149.99 Still after rebate it is a good price.

If i see a rebate, i run! I have friends still waiting for thier rebate for their razr from last year! Bad woot to say the least!