Hannspree 9.6” LCD TV

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Hannspree 9.6" LCD TV
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Hannspree 9.6" LCD TV

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oooh my kids will love these!!!

Is this the new Tickle Me Elmo craze for the season?

too wierd for me…nite

so we get all four? jk

Who needs books anyway?

If there was one shaped like Geritol my mother might use it…


Dang if only it was the piggie one. Got mine for the kid from amazon awhile ago thanks to a woot! mod.

I like to be standing very close to the wall when I watch Olbermann on my giraffe.

Come on! This is really just tragic. I have three kids and it is all I can do to keep them from the TV. Now we have these things? Oi!

Holy crap I want that giraffe!

Only in Kenya!

Not Norway, KENYA!

1st thoughts upon seeing this.

CREEEPY! there is a hanspree store downtown by my orthodontist and i always get creeped out by that store and their scary, i guess, kid friendly tv’s. if i was 8, i wouldnt want one of these. yeesh.

Cute, but this is something more for my kids and they have bigger tv’s

sweet, now i can finally put a lcd in my daughter’s crib. she’ll be the envy of the neighborhood babies.

daddy’s got your back sweety.

LOL - when I saw these in the store I thought - “These will be on Woot! someday.”

That day has come.

what’s the point of making an lcd tv if it’s not hi-def? 800x600?

I already installed a 32" LCD in my pet Liger, this is useless

These are great and really awesome…if you are 6 years old : (