Hansen Cellars Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon (6)

having a Residual Sugar of 8.8 g/L, sounds “sweet” to me. any thoughts?

I agree. Could be a typo (maybe it was supposed to read 0.8). Who knows? I checked their website but they gave no specs at all except alcohol percentage.

Nice balance, not too sweet, RS is .8. Try it you will like it :slight_smile:

ya seemed high to me and I don’t squat about the numbers

I picked up this wine last time it came around, drinks really well for a $10 bottle. We do not like sweet wines and we’re ok with this. Good QPR. No notes as I’m on a business trip, but if we didn’t have a few left I’d pick more up.

Is there a whole separate chain for login errors? I literally cannot buy this offering. Two separate ios devices and a windows device keep re-directing me to an amazon login (which i have). Every time i add product and check out - redirected to amazon (which i have already loged in to!).

Unbelievable! I would love to participate in this offering! Help please? Usually my windows device will work

If you cannot get your technology working email me in the next few days and we will honor the price for you...chris@h-gvineyards.com

Have you tried actually purchasing via Amazon and been rejected, or are you not buying because you’re being redirected to Amazon? For several months now, all wine.woot purchases are going through Amazon – no other option available.

Edit: Here’s a post about the whole business with Amazon checkout.