Hantech Tablo for Laptops


I bought three last time, in April. But haven’t used it yet.

wah da heo?

It’s worth pointing out that the reason laptops became dominant over the last 10 years or so instead of tablets is because people realized that TABLETS SUCKED.

Why would you want to turn your laptop into something that’s more trouble to work with?

It’s not even big enough for my laptop. FAIL

Because its a woot off and without those suckers who want a tablet attachment, we won’t get to the BoC

Exactly. I use a laptop just so i wont look at my horrific handwriting

I wonder how many people damage their LCD panels just by exerting a little too much force.

I FREAKING LOVE MINE, its meant for people who photoshop/draw.

its pretty much on the dot. you attach it to your screen, then calibrate it basically teaching the sensor how large your screen is. once this is done you can begin writing/drawing

mine is on a lenovo t410. I have used it on the hpdv9000 and even my 22in lcd. next test is on a 50in plasma XD

Wanna sell one? :wink: I missed this :frowning:

I got one from woot a while back. It’s great. I use it on my 13.3" HP. It also works automatically in Linux (gets recognized as a mouse). I don’t think the calibration software works in linux but, when I tried, it was spot on without calibration.

Fun tool, great for drawing engineering/brainstorming sketches on paper while the computer is attached to a projector for everyone else to see.