Gotta love the cat shirt.

I almost wish I were Jewish. These are much better than the Xmas ones.

I’m the right age for the Solid Gelt shirt to be an epic LOL…and I may need that apron.

Too bad the graphic on the “solid gelt” shirt isn’t gold, but I’m probably still in for one.

Can someone tell me how the woot shirts actually fit? The sizing guide seems to be on par with average ttshirt sizes but the FAQ says they run small and you should order a size up. Can someone please help me? Thanks!

They’re larger than your standard american apparel. I fluctuate between a 1x and 2x in woot. 1x american apparel makes me feel like I’m comic book guy.

I would buy this shirt, except it isn’t right. Rules for Dreidel:

each round, everyone antes 1. In our house we play that a round ends when a) everyone has spun regardless of outcome or b) the pot is empty, which ever comes first.

Nun: do Nothing.
Hay: win Half the pot.
Gimmel: win (Get) the whole pot.

yeah, those are the rules i learned as well. #jewfail

Very disappointed that I ordered one of these and finally have delivery confirmation - 12/24 - the last day of Hanukkah - you’d have thought a month was enough time even for Woot to get something delivered.

I’m very sorry about that- if you haven’t already, please make sure to contact our support team, we’re trying to offer concessions for the late shipments on some of these orders. You can use the support tab above to get in touch with our CS team.