Hapland 3!


if you’re familiar with the previous hapland games you’ll be pleased to know hapland 3 is out!

Warning, Do Not Play Hapland Unless You Have Hours To Spare

hapland 2
escape from rhetundo island
hapland 3


//avoids Hapland saga like the plague


Is there a guide?


I can’t be wasting hours on clicking randomly on a screen… Although I have seen my wife do it from time to time.



here are the walkthroughs, but they’re fun to do without the answers.



I did the first walk-through. I wonder if there are multiple means to an end?


not really, the third one is soooooo hard


Yeah, I killed my dude on the third floor…his guts went on the flag.


Something I hope you never say outside of a game context!




Would you send me Diet Coke and baked goods while in jail?


uh . . . Sure!


As long as they’re not jelly doughnuts. You can have TaB, too.