Happy Baby Style Varies

Happy Baby Style Varies

just got mine. I knew it was not going to be a huge doll but there is no size listed…
thought it would be a smallish sized doll but something silly for a grandkid to play with for a minute… yeah… NO.

just to let everyone know…

thing is 2 inches long.

barely big enough for a cat toy and 5 bucks for a cat toy is kinda pricey!! lol


Thanks for being honest. I’ve been tempted a few times—I like to keep a “toy stash” for the little people in my life. Like you I thought small, but never would I have imagined 2”! I’ll pass!

Thank you for the feedback. We added a photo that puts the size in perspective.

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I looked at them and thought I’d break my usual rule against buying anything “assorted”, since I thought I really liked all of them except THAT one. Sigh, guess which one I got?

The one with the heart on its crotch or the prison stripes?

The multi polka dots with the blue striped hat. Truly tasteless!

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