Happy Birthday Claude Monet!

I think the offset pictures would drive me insane

Would it bother you more or less than this?

is it 4 different sizes arranged stepped? or 4 same sizes arranged in line? demo pic & spec don’t match up.

The specs have the overall size (no spacing, no vertical alignment) and the size of each panel).

why is each panel’s width different one another then in demo pics? so confusing.

Ok, the lightbulb just went off in my head. I’m slow sometimes. I see now that each set consists of narrow and wide panels. Our dimensions don’t represent that. We’re asking the vendor for updated dimensions. Sorry for the problem.

Regarding the Woot Random Trivia Question: Um, no. See Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koala#cite_note-Dixon-5

Ok, we have the correct measurements now. They’re also in the sale.

For the 24" x 36" set:
Larger Panels ~ 12" x 24"
Smaller Panels ~ 6" x 24"

For the 36" x 54" set:
Larger Panels ~ 18" x 36"
Smaller Panels ~ 9" x 36"