Happy Bleepin Holidays

Happy Bleepin Holidays

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Why can’t I get the “Ugly Sweater” Image I want onto a sweatshirt? The ones you picked are okay for some I’m sure. But as for me, mine is only available on a t-shirt! No! I want my pick on a sweatshirt! Come on Woot, that should be an option any time of the year! Now Please can you get that done and give me a high price break on the one I want since I have now given you the idea? Thanks Woot!

This one is offered on a sweatshirt. We offer sweatshirts when they are on the colors we offer. You’ll see this guide on the sizing chart:


My point being is that I don’t want the one available, the only one I want is not available on a sweatshirt. I don’t think an ugly sweater design looks right on a t-shirt stretched out over my winter clothing.

I understand but for derby shirts and editors choice from the derby, we stick with the artist’s specifications.

It’s possible we could remix it to a different shirt blank at some point.

We’d love to be able to offer it on different colors but we’re not able to at this time. We’re just happy we can actually sell sweatshirts and long sleeved tees again. :wink: