"Happy Camper" Blanket


"Happy Camper" Blanket


This is wonderful, makes me really, really want to live in America just so I could have one! Fantastic!
ps… please woot make blankets available to the rest of the world we’re freezing over here, lol sad


So which one is mink and which one is sherpa? White vs cream


Thinner white backing is mink, thicker cream backing is sherpa.

BTW, they are very soft; I bought this previously.

(Banana for scale.)


How big is the banana though?


It’s one banana long.


This is the sherpa. It’s super soft and plush. Mink is soft too, but a thinner blanket.


Way thinner. Was unbelievably disappointed at how thin it was for the price. :tired_face:


How many bananas thick?


i bought two,for Christmas presents. not very happy with them, very thin. So not worth the money. will have to find something more to fill in.