Happy New Year everybody!!


Whee!! Its new years in Iowa, and I’m too sober to still be online…

Oh well. I hope your new years party was better than mine. Tell us about it.


Mr. Arcalargo,
A young maiden giggling as I stripped off her clothes, later crying and screaming, concluding with multiple kicks to my pelvic area. I’ve never been so happy!


Was the diaper change successful?
You should be able to avoid the pelvic kicks by now.

Hi Arcalargo!
I successfully babysat about a dozen college kids.
No vomit!
Everyone got home!
3 need to return for cars in the afternoon.
I do however, once again, have orphaned guitars and an electric violin in the basement.
I just got rid of the summer orphans.
Also reunited a kid and his favorite sweatshirt that he lost here last winter.


Hey, no1, how do you know that Arcalargo is a guy? He/she only has two posts.


Well, as the name is spanish, the -o at the end denotes male. Not really though.

What the heck was someone over at your house 'till 4:30 am, and needing an electric violin?


I didn’t know there was such a thing as an electric violin.


Bath, Ms. Name. Pelvic kicks happen while I insert arms into sleeves.

Very good, Ms. Name.


That’s the only time of day the electric violoin gets the right overtones.

heh. I said violoin.


Jean Luc Ponty has played one for over 30 years . . .


I didn’t know there was a Jean Luc Ponty. Sorry.


no one did, he made him up. can I score that violin off of ya?


The owner returned.
Somehow I am the owner of the pratice space of an on again off again garage band. Except they are a basement band.
Their only performance was as seniors in HS in the battle of the bands. They were together for weeks at the time.
Now, up at college, they have a apt with a big common room. Stupidly, some of the band members went to schools better suited to their major, rather than thinking about band pratcice.
What were they thinking??? They need a job with money for adult life??? But what about the band???I am the only person to have…I mean to be lucky enough… to hear them.


Darn, oh well. I tried.


Because for this group, the only difference between a normal winter break night and new years eve , is that there was booze and food on new Years Eve.


Spanish. I flunked spanish.
Well, not really. I passed and ran like hell.
I flunked Italian.
Which is why I don’t have an associates degree. I couldn’t graduate from community college.
I did, however, graduate from college.
No language requirement at the 4 year school!


sweet, could never get the hang of colledge.


Yay! Happy 2008 everyone! and no1 too!


Thanks lord v8r. Happy new year to you as well.