Happy New Year


Posted only minutes after midnight
I’m staying up to 1AM (EST) to see what will be the new w00t

My resolution? Get over the fact I will never get a BOC :wink:


More monkeys for the new year.


Aaah monkeys… nature’s clown!


No! Not true! You will someday get a bag of Crap! Keep trying!
Happy New Year nezb!
It took me more than 9 months.


It’s going to take me more than 5,000 posts to get a BO**C.


Happy new year everyone.


It’s been a long time, what have you been up to?


qwertyuiop001 will never get b of c. You would have to buy something to have your information in the system first!


Oh this and that, gearing up to do some humanitarian work for the next few months. Got a new computer too, maybe I’ll hang around a bit more.


Happy New Year Rev!


We’d love to have you!!! What kind of humanitarian work?
One of my goals for 2007 is to do more volunteer work.


You knew Mydog got married and had a son, right?
He’s over the moon with joy!!!


Happy New Year everyone!


And to you as well!!!
2007 will be a good year, i think!!



Happy New Year everyone from the Mountain Time Zone.


Mydog did what now? And didn’t ask me to perform it!? Just kidding, I think I did know that.


I know!!!
He seems very happy, only stops in every month or so…
Who woulda thought it way back when…


Still looking to marry a wooter?


I’d look to carry a wooter, but I’d probably get a hernia, so I’ll settle for looking to harry a wooter.


Are you the Rev? Always knew you were someone. Never would have guessed him.