Today (7/30/10) is the annual System Admin Day [link]http://www.sysadminday.com/ [/link]. Let your System Admin know you actually do appreciate him\her. Call them and say, hey I just wanted you to know I do not have a problem with my computer, internet, phone, and thanks!

Gift idea (it is the thought that counts) goto this link [link]http://www.sysadminday.com/time.html [/link] copy it into a word document program. Replace Ted with the system admin’s name. Print it and give it to him\her.

Thanks caffeine_dude

When is unemployed system admins day?


Tell me about it. We’ll find something, right?

Any leads for us?

Find an industry that has no spectacular ups and downs, the rewards are not as great but neither are the downfalls.

LOL- my husband was with a university. Most are downsizing right now, but what is more stable and low key than that?

funeral homes? “our crematoriums are now wired for wi-fi!”

Hospitals in the Midwest.

Huh?!? Damn, I was on vacation and missed it!

Oh, never mind…look at all the threatening e-mails.

poor ted. do you think he’ll be able to find another job very soon?

Nicely done.