Happy Valley Soups- 6 Variety Pack

Happy Valley Soups- 6 Variety Pack

Interesting, except most I checked you need to pay for the soup, and then make a trip to the grocery store for additional add-ins. If you don’t already have it in your pantry. I would have bought because I really like soup. But this isn’t a quick meal, because not everything is in the mix.

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The Specs say “Please see ‘Photo Gallery’ for Nutrition Facts”, but I think they should say “Please squint at ‘Photo Gallery’ to try and guess Nutrition Facts” because those particular photos are too low-resolution to read, the they aren’t zoom-able.


They are zoomable. Click/tap first, then zoom.

Are these throwing soups or eating soups? Asking for a friend.

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ROFL! Thank you!

Using Chrome, no add-ons, only the first photo is zoomable. The rest are not.

Yep, they’re pretty small. I’m asking if we can get better images.

Update: We pulled in some new images. Some are zoomable but some aren’t. Unfortunately, that’s the way they are on the vendor’s site too. :\

We’re still working to see if we can get better images.


Ordered on 3 Sept. Currently showing 23 Sept. delivery. They’re so happy in the valley they can’t be bothered to ship a product already charged to my account. No buying from them again.

Hi there. Some specialty items on Grocery take longer to ship. They come directly from the manufacturer and are sometimes made to order.

Sorry for the delay.