Harbinger Mucka Mush Short Finger Sporting Gloves

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Harbinger Mucka Mush Short Finger Sporting Gloves
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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alright… who stole the rest of my gloves…

These’ll go great with my knives!

Harriet. Harry-ette. Hard-hearted harbinger of haggis…

If only I liked sportz.

My friends and I use similar gloves for belaying for rock climbing, great to minimize rope burn!

best woot-off EVER.

Woot should consider free shipping on stuff like this. Just doesn’t make sense to spend this much money when you can go to the corner store and get the same for less.

Perfect for my fingerless hands.

will this give me enough time to shower

I bought a pair like these last woot off. I use them as driving gloves… and they make me feel awesome.

you know you want to.

(or pretend you are a pokemon trainer, which requires you to have fingerless gloves.)

These are perfect for you nervous-types. You can keep your hands warm and safe, and bite your fingernails at the same time. Buy 3!

By “moisture management” they mean it is where your snot goes.

Now I can live out my dream of reenacting 75% of the movie, Rocky.

derrr did you mean to say Muck MESH??

Fingerless driving gloves of supple leather make sense. These…not so much.

$22.95 on amazon,


Harbinger is assuming control.

But seriously, why wouldn’t you buy these if you don’t already have a pair? Just think how cool you’ll look!

I’m getting ready for the International Pinball Championships. I wonder if these will pad my palms in those 2 hour practice sessions?