Harbinger Sporting Gloves

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Harbinger Sporting Gloves
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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time to go home…C ya!

Anyone think these would be good weight lifting gloves?

I’m tired of getting blisters from my pull-up bar. I’m thinking on the short fingers.

I think Woot is really overestimating their audience.

These work great for paint ball too

You know… For when you have to type really fast…

Great for Kayaking–full finger avoid them blisters

Yes! Three pairs of 2X short finger gloves - I can never find 2X gloves - would have been nice if they’d had 3X, but I can live with 2X. Thank you, Woot!!!

Just remember… no glove, no love

these are perfect weight lifting gloves - buying these as a backup for the pair i am currently thrashing… same brand but the cost at dicks or sports authority is quite a bit more… good deal

in for 2… for me and the fiance


wonder how many people will buy these thinking they’re weightlifting gloves… ?

Should we be using the men’s size chart for all of these?

It would be helpful if the picture of the gloves was labeled with the glove type. I’d like to buy a pair but I’m not confident which is which. They list 4 types but only 3 are in the picture.

In for one, gonna use them for weight lifting, driving on colder days, and biking. And for 6.99 that’s quite a steal.

No these would be horrible for weightlifting. Get the ones with the wrist wrap, you will get better support. Harbinger makes great gloves for weightlifting, but NOT these.

Rorschach will love these for a Christmas gift!

inches are inches dude