Hari Mari Sandals

I can’t find any reviews for these… does anyone know how well these hold up over time, how heavy they are, or how comfortable?

“Sometimes when you operate a company, 1 consonant makes a huge difference.”

Not really. What I think you are referring to is properly spelled “hara-kiri”.

I couldn’t either, but here’s a write-up I found talking about the quality of materials, philanthropy, and design for comfort: http://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-ceo/2014/april/hari-mari-footwear-gains-a-foothold

I bought a few pairs last time these were offered on woot, but because it has been the winter I really haven’t worn them too much so I can’t comment on durability. I like them. They are a little lighter than my leather sandals from Reef and a little lighter than some Tommy Bahama camo sandals that I have. They’re heavier than my foam sandals, of course. I like the way they feel, which is unique - they are textured along the foot instead of smooth, but it is nice. Initially they feel pretty hard and different, but as you wear them they soften up. It seems like they might fray around the edges, but they look nice and I think they’ll hold up fairly well. I am a 12.5 and a 13 fits fine. Good luck!