Harley Davidson Jackets

Jorts sold separately.

To those few that might be considering these jackets for enhanced protection while riding, unlike the vast majority of other motorcycle jackets available these days, none of these HD offerings appear to include built-in shoulder/elbow/back armor, CE-approved or otherwise. Some of these do list internal pockets for armor placement, though I guess you could always use them to store your do-rag.

Just saying…

My thoughts exactly. My son’s jackets are uber-armored and his winter jacket even has a heater.

Agreed. On the other hand, inserts are not expensive, and my experience with Harley leathers is that they are very high quality, and what I own will likely outlive my riding days.

I own the Luminator and it came with armor in the forearms, elbows, shoulders. The leather and stitching is top quality and very thick.