Harman Kardon 5.1 A/V Receiver

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Harman Kardon 5.1 A/V Receiver
Price: $159.99
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Condition: New


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Check out the product page and check out these comments from when this was offered in February.

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Solid user reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at audioreview.com

No ground stud for turntables… I would have pulled the trigger. Bummer.

Here is the manual

I rather get an Yamaha RX-V373 instead.

Hey, without sounding overly smug… seriously?? You can loosen any of the screws on the back panel and put the turntable ground wire there. WAIT! It doesn’t even have a Mag. phono input!

Looks like a great little receiver to upgrade the parents to switchable HDMI. Not like they have more than 2 inputs right now (cable box and bluray).

I think I just found Dad’s Father’s Day gift. Now we just need a refurb Roku sale and his birthday will be covered, too.

Harman Kardon is listing this at $299 not the suggested $399 value.

Anyone who’d rather have a Yamaha over an Harman Kardon doesn’t know home electronics.

Not sure why posting a link to a review is considered a top comment woot…

I bought a Yamaha Aventage rx-a820 receiver about a year ago now to replace a hk avr240 (an older base model 5.1) that was starting to misbehave after seven years. The Aventage is chock full of technical options and controls and as part of Yamaha’s “audiophile” line has features such as a circuitry bypass for direct stereo listening and biamp capabilities. The short story is I should have just repaired the hk. The Yamaha finally started to sound tolerable after a torturous break-in period, and shortly afterward the center channel went out. The hk is now back in my entertainment center with a usb fan to mitigate it’s overheating issue while the Yamaha awaits a ride to the repair center. I’m in no rush because the hk’s high current amps still deliver better response than the Yamaha. I can not speak with direct experience of the hk model for sale today, but my next receiver will most likely be another hk. I would rather replace a basic hk every few years than listen to Yamaha’s high end receivers. As to this hk not having phono inputs, they are simply not very common on modern surround receivers outside the European market. (As an example, the U.S. model rx-a820 does not have one while the international model does.) Phono stages of better quality than those found on most receivers are available starting at around 50 bucks from the mothership. http://www.amazon.com/TC-750-BLACK-Audiophile-Phono-Preamplifier/dp/B000A36LQ4/

Does this include the bluetooth adaptor?

Harmon/Kardon hasn’t been putting those in since the mid 90’s. I have an AVR175 from then and even it doesn’t have a ground pin :confused:

Hmm, $40 discount over the previous version which included the “$60” bluetooth adapter.

I agree.

That is oversimplified blanket … whatever.

I have a Yamaha Receiver working like a champ for 12 years . My neighbors H-K broke twice already.