Harman Kardon 7.2CH 100W Network A/V Receiver

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Harman Kardon 7.2CH 100W Network A/V Receiver
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Hello! This is a 700W receiver. :slight_smile:

The spec sheet says 100W. Where are you seeing 700W? Or are you meaning 700 because it’s 100W/channel X 7channels?

Actually, according to the specs on the above linked page, it’s:

It will be less (per channel) when you are driving 7 channels.

Note this spec as well:

There has to be some overhead allowed for signal spikes, so peak power levels will be a bit higher during use on some channels, but note the 510W max draw (which must include peak spikes or signals get clipped).

I dug a bit on AVSForums and there was a comment on a thread about the 1510/1610/1710 series HK receivers:

So note in that case, it is 140W with 2 channels driven, but only gets to 150W with 5 channels driven… the trade becoming distortion as the power levels increase. The 1710 will perform in a similar fashion, as all amplifiers do. If you go based on the listed spec alone, it will be something like 2x100W, 5x40W, or 7x28W at 6/8 ohms… subwoofers are typically self-powered.

Sharing my experience with HK support…I got a refurb HK receiver back in October off of Woot. Sounded great but every video game console I attached to it showed tons of red pixel artifacts (switched out TV’s, cables, everything). Called HK support 5-6 times before I actually got anywhere and then had to send 10-15 emails trying to find out if they received the bad unit and ask when I would get a new one. To their credit I got a brand new upgraded version and it works like a champ but it took almost 5 months to get it replaced. I’m hoping my experience is an outlier but just wanted to make folks aware.

Thanks for clarifying. I wasn’t quite sure what they were asking, but I think you probably nailed it on the head. :slight_smile:

So far the jury is still out. I’ve had the unit for a few days and here’s my initial experience.

Connected to a Vizio 55" using CEC and ARC. These were features that I wanted and motivated me to buy a new receiver

Initally feared the unit might be dead, but I realized the batteries that came with it for the remote dead. Fresh batteries solved that

Airplay issues. The AVR seems to sometimes lose the ability to feed video to the TV after an airplay session. Power cycling (at the plug) seems to solve this, but not acceptable, I will continue to keep an eye on this after the shakedown period to see if it recurs.

Pales in comparison in many ways to similarly priced Denon units (I jumped on this because I have limited height available). The Denon has much better screen display (e.g.,Cover art) and features (e.g., Pandora). The Denon also has a great remote app for the iphone and the HK’s seemed like a poor comparison. The Denon also does audio auto-switching when watching netflix on the TV.

All in all I wish I had bought the Denon (refurbs are available on Amazon).