Harman/Kardon HK695 Audio System


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Harman/Kardon HK695 Audio System

speakers for your friends friends friends friend
(we know everyone else already has a set)

$19.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Harman Kardon’s HK695 speaker system is famous for it’s Champagne flute shaped satellite speakers – perfect side by side with today’s flat panel monitors. Built in Vmax audio image-processing supports both two and four channel sound cards. When used with a four channel sound card, the system takes advantage of it’s audio hologram “head related transfer function” to give you a stupendous headache… uh we mean to give you a four speaker sound field. Originally released at $169, these speakers had quite the ego. Now that we’ve received this limited supply of new inventory, we’ll go to work knocking that ego down a bit…

These present a classy solution for the desktop not already adorned with a 5 channel 100 watt 5.1 speaker set. What we mean is, these would probably make a nice gift, or a good set for the office.

Model HK695, aka Champagne (for the glass shaped satellites)
2 Odyssey Satellite Drivers, One 5.25" self contained Subwoofer
Satellites 11.5 inches tall, Subwoofer 13 inches
Signal-to-Noise >70dB
Frequency Response: 35-20k Hz
Input sensitivity: 300-400mV
40 watts RMS total
Subwoofer, 28 watts. Satellites 6 each.
New, Factory Sealed

As an official non-staff member I rate this as a
7 of 10 on the woot scale***

*** Would of been 8 but a point was taken off for color of the product


Harman/Kardon Mutimedia Speaker System HK695


I would of been first if this damng thing hadn’t said “not enough charachters,” even though I typed first, I win in my mind ;).




Not bad I suppose. I would go for them if they were Klipsch.

(I would’ve been first if the site hadn’t lagged out right as the woot appeared. >.<)


ryanrule haxor!! lolololol


Not bad




Page one. Woot?


top five




I lose :frowning:




wow, ya gotta be fast to even get close to 1st. :!: - but Its on the 1st page


i think they’re fugly… just my opinion… cheap tho

froogle had some better looking colors for a few bucks more


so this is how it feels like to be on the first page. Not rewarding at all


froogled: Average price was about 40ish and cheapest was 21.00


Good speakers, good price, don’t need.


And they took our pretty purple bar away, double bah!