Harman Kardon NC Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

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I own a pair of Harmon Kardon BT headphones and really like them. Although the BTs do not have the noise canceling function to them, they appear to be the exact same “frame” and shape. The build quality is great, and mine came with two metal bands – one for larger heads and one for smaller heads. The bands are super easy to replace also. Overall, the sound on the BTs (again, not the exact same headphone, but I imagine they’re very very similar) is pretty good. They sound pretty balanced and have a decent, though not crazy volume level. These aren’t Beats, so they’re not going to be thumping with bass, but again, the overall tone is pretty accurate and balanced.

Check out this “excellent” review over at cnet

I don’t know how these sound, but those are some of the ugliest headphones I’ve ever seen.

Have you ever used Marshall Headphones before?How was it compared to Marshall Headphones? I’m kinda confused if I should buy this or the Marshall.

I have the Bluetooth model as well and I really like them. I think the button placement takes a little getting used to. The sound quality is great and while I like the design, it does seem to be pretty polarizing. Either people love it or hate it.

OK but get this. The biggest drawback IMO is a weird one and nobody seems to ever mention it…so maybe it’s just me. When you’re wearing the headphones the ear cups fit perfectly and snugly to keep a lot of outside sounds out. But touch the outside of the ear cups or God forbid the metal frame and it conducts the rubbing sound directly into your ear holes in a way I have never heard before. I have to say, at times I find it really, really, REALLY annoying. Perhaps this NC model does not share this “feature”. I hope not because I assure you there’s no amount of noise-cancellation that will overcome it.

I also have the Bluetooth version and really like their sound. I imagine these should match the quality.

One problem I have with mine is while walking, the earpiece assembly can move up and down slightly in the metal frame that holds it, causing it to clunk each time the plastic hits the metal. I stuffed a shim of folded paper to keep it from moving. It only happens on one side and maybe it only affects a small number of units. :shrug:

edit: yup, as Phillystyle mentioned, the sound conducts like crazy from the frame and the earpiece so that’s why the little jostling is so loud for me. My low-tech solution works for me though.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the BT ones if that’s what you want, and if you are fine with cords, I’d get these.

My first thought as well. Besides, my ears aren’t square.

This is a very good deal. I got mine at a discounted Price of $215 a year ago. They do sound great and look beautiful, and the NC feature is almost on par with the Bose QC15, which says a lot about them.

Fit is a bit stretch at first but then the metallic headbands become looser and feel comfortable. Built is top notch too.

Proprietary cable, so no deal for me.

Anyone know where I could get a replacement cord for these headphones? My friend at work ran over his with a desk chair and has been looking for a new one to fit. Thanks!

Isn’t that kinda always the case if you have inline controls?

Have you contacted Harman Kardon? Here’s the support page for this product.

So these need batteries? What type/how many? Or is it a built-in rechargeable battery?

It’s a built in rechargeable battery. See the item details for more info.

I’m in for one. The square design is not my favorite, but then again I drive a Turbo Brick (Volvo) which is square too, so there you go. I have a pair of Bose QC15s and the Leatherette ear pieces break down and flake apart after time. Not sure is this is the case on the HKs - Hope not.

I have these exact same pair of headphones and I love them. First the square design actually gives you more room around your ears then do the “normal” oval shape of over the ear headphones. This makes them more comfortable to me at least because it doesn’t press on my ears at all or fold them over.

The noise canceling works great for the hum of an airplane, or any constant noise. They do a lesser job of people talking but still muffle them quite well. I have used mine on a plane many times and I actually like being able to hear if an announcement is made over the loud speaker.

The headphones have a built in battery that is charged with a proprietary cable, but if the battery is dead you can still listen to them you will just not have the Noise-canceling feature. You cannot do this with Bose, Beats and such, with them if the battery is dead, you cannot use them.

Also note the connection at the headphone is 2.5mm jack not the normal 3.5mm that is on your cell phone or other devices. So you always have to use their cable. I have heard of others contacting Harman Kardon for replacement cables and they are very good about it.

Also note that the inline controls do not work with Android phones. Or at least both mine and my wife’s phones (LG G2 and LG G3).

Any other questions and I would be happy to answer the best I can.

I have these and paid $220 a year ago based on the reviews. They are not that good! Sound quality is OK, not much Bass…Also hurt my ears after an hour. I would pass and get the $100 pair of Beats that are around many sites.

I always thought that too. Strangely, the Kiplisch headphones you guys had last year comes with a two detachable cords. One is 3-pole (straight-up headphones), and the 2nd 4-bole (in-line mic controls). I’ve no idea what else I’d plug in there though since I’ve never seen anything that’d substitute the OEM cord. :smiley: It is just nice that you can put it on as an untethered set of noise canceling earmuffs

Just an FYI ThunderThighs, the Bluetooth headphones have a proprietary charging cable as well-with no inline controls. So it’s a HK thing. They’re proprietary and lovin’ it. The entire world should just go micro USB already. :slight_smile:

@locked31 I would encourage you to talk to Harman Kardon customer service as well. Naturally I can’t say your experience will be like mine but I emailed them asking if I could purchase a replacement charging cable (or two) and they sent me a new one for free. It was no hassle whatsoever and now I have a standby for that inevitable day when I lose the original.