Harman Kardon Omni Wireless HD Loudspeakers

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Harman Kardon Omni Wireless HD Loudspeakers
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I’ve listened to both of these at Fry’s. In there, with ambient noise, I thought the Omni 20 sounded considerably better than the Omni 10. In fact, after having listened to most of their Bluetooth speakers, it was the Omni 20 that I thought sounded the best for the money.

Do these dispense toilet paper?

Do these speakers work with Sonos systems?

This seems pretty wonky. It’s Bluetooth but allows room to room…but it seems like that means you have to carry the phone/tablet/laptop room to room for the BT to transfer.

It has WiFi but only so they can communicate with one another and transfer or combine the BT signal.

It has a 3.5mm jack so you could add Chrome AudioCast but does that allow you to bypass the HK app altogether?

To me, it seems like you could add these to an AudioCast set up rather easily but maybe it’s just too wonky to work that way.

What is the distance from source to speaker?

How many do you need to buy? It says set up multiple speakers for room filling sound? So 2…4…5? Let’s say I have a TV in my living room and watch movies… how many of these are we talking about?

Since there is no way to connect these to your TV, you can have as many or as few of them as you like. These are for wireless music and the like only.

I’d like to add these to a small RV, for tunes and movie watching when the weather is not cooperating.

Do you guys think this would be good for that, or might there be something else out there that could meet my needs? Thanks!

EDIT: When I say “RV” it’s a cargo van converted, so nothing is pre-wired. The only sound is factory speakers in the cab doors; they are pretty crappy.

It says the 10 has a 3.5"Jack for input as well. So you could connect a tv or other audio source. That said I don’t think I would go for these. The additional expense of a Sonos is probably worth it.

can you deliver in NY prior the 17Th? ill be there and living that day

I’m vested in Sonos with 5 speakers around the house and 2 more on the way. Sonos is having a sale right now. I just picked up another pair of Play 1s for $50 off.

That being said, I would still consider one of these for portable BT tunage. My daughter has an HK Onyx and it is a great sounding, portable, BT speaker.

Soo… you’ll be gone and not living on the 18th!!! 8-0

You can always by a Bluetooth adapter for a TV that plugs into the headphone jack.

I bought a pair of Omni 20 and 2 Omni Adapt a year ago when Target have them on clearance. Great sounding speakers but the app (to link, setup, control, multi-room play) that HK designed for Omni system is horrible. I ended up pair them with my Echo Dots (for each room) via bluetooth and connect the Omni Adapt to my home theater system and audio system. They are all connected to home Wifi too. Now I can ask Echo Dots to play music (Amazon Music) on one Omni 20, and “tap” other speaker (to sync them) to do multi-room play. I can also use the App to control volume of each speaker. When I am not using Echo Dots, I can play music stored in my phone or iPod Touch to a specific speaker/room or multi-room with the HK app (again, it is really a terrible app). It is pretty sweet for the price and Omni 20 really sounded great. I am picking up 3 more.