Harman Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker

No doubt these will generate controversy over quality of shipping materials (they’re still quite sub-par), quality of included accessories (my power supply is branded and fits perfectly) and condition of the product (mine appears as-new), based on my purchase of one last month, I’d buy another. It connected easily and sounds great. I haven’t really put the battery life to the test, and the fixed spindly legs seem very ill-considered for a speaker I might throw in the trunk with the cooler for tailgating or other days out & about, but remaining aware of that limitation, I’d recommend it.

I, too, purchased this recently. Great sounding speaker with a surprisingly accurate and full soundstage, especially for a Bluetooth speaker. Sparse shipping “cushioning” inside the plain shipping box will undoubtedly continue to be a problem for some wooters. Mine was supplied with an aftermarket charger others have complained about which has an incorrectly sized adapter tip. Because of this loose, poor fit, the speaker will not fully charge (I’m supposing this is the reason, but it certainly could be something else). Have sent a message to Woot about this will await a response.

i bought one of these on woot a few months ago. i love this thing. i have a 2005 X3 with no audio jacks or bluetooth, i just take my iphone and this speaker, i lay the speaker on it’s back in a small cardboard box, and i listen to amazon prime music.
better sound than the stock x3 system. bass is really good, treble is OK. it stays charged for 5 hours, i charge it at night or on a long trip plug it into my iphone holder (which plugs into my cigarette lighter). i am really happy with this purchase, am considering buying another as a backup, but am trying to talk myself out of it, i buy too much stuff as it is. yes the legs look flimsy but the speaker works great lying on it’s back so it is a non issue for me. the legs help me point it at my head BTW.

I picked one of these up on eBay a couple of weeks ago for $60. I have to say, this is a really good bluetooth speaker. I cannot understate the quality of the sound. My brother has a Jambox that he has been talking so highly of. I let him listen to this. Shut him up.

For those who own or plan on owning one, you may want to look into some sort of EQing. I noticed that it just wasn’t bright enough for me. I typically enjoy pretty harsh highs (I know I am weird). I use Viper4Android to adjust the EQ, and it really brings out what this speaker is capable of. With a little bit of tuning, this began sounding better than some of the really high end stuff. Absolutely great.

We got confirmation from the vendor before this event that the packaging issues have been resolved.

I want to talk about how I ordered the Harman Kardon onyx speaker. When it came it was broken, both physically and internally. The only offer I was given was to receive a shipping label to send it back. So I had the money involved in this tied up. I wanted a working product, but was told that woot was out of them. So I bought one on EBay. Let me tell you how happy I am to see woot selling this product again. Terrible customer service. Barely an apology. You would think a website that would want to be reputable would make some form of reconciliatory offer. Wrong. I have reached out to woot many times, but I guess now I’ll just go to other outlets to voice my displeasure since no one at woot seems to care.

That’s good to hear, because I think I talked my boss into buying one or two! I’d hate for him to have a negative experience!

Does anyone know if these speakers can be hooked up to a tv, to be used as surround sound speakers?

The $80 ones are Bluetooth-only.

I saw the first version (the cheaper one) here, and bought it. It arrived in beat-up but original packaging, and I have had no problems with it. The sound is phenominal (no joke), it was dusty but undamaged, the battery holds a charge well, and the charger appears original/correct.

I liked it so much that I bought the newer/expensive version. It arrived in a generic cardboard box with some bubble wrap.One of the foot pads was off, there’s a loose screw or something inside, and the charger is an ill-fitting generic. But despite the beat-stepchild treatment, it works. The sound is just as good, and it’s nice to have aux input. However the microphone is… well… not bad, but a poor match for the speakers. The mic works well up close, perhaps on a desk or conference table with all speakers within 3-4 feet. Beyond that, the noise canceling pretty much makes anyone sound muffled or silent. I suppose that’s a good thing, but it just seems strange on a device where the speakers are so magnificently room-filling.

One minor note: version 1 has a cloth-covered grille that looks nice but snags easily. V2 with the mic has a molded plastic grille that is more durable, but scratches up more easily.

Just purchased this speaker and it came missing a rubber foot pad and a cheap knockoff power cable. Other than my unsurety of leaving it plugged in when I’m not home and it scratching up my desk if it starts to move, it has really good sound. It’s very surprising how good this sounds. I tried everything from jazz, classical, pop, hip hop, and a movie and it sounded great. Bad part is, Woot doesn’t have any more to replace this one so I have to return it fully or deal with the defects. Not having the aux cord on this one can be a downside, but I have a few bluetooth adapters that I’ll try with those. Having a remote to the speaker that’s not your phone or portable would be great too.