Harman Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker

I ordered this last time it was on Woot, speaker came with zero packaging, was damaged and would not play/hold a charge/stay on when plugged in for longer than 5 minutes. When I requested to get a new one sent to me, I was told “we are a daily deal website and do not have a replacement to send you” even though this was put on sale 2 more times after I purchased it; total bull crap and the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. It took me a full month to get my money back and no other resolution was offered to me. Buyer beware

No it can’t. Does not have a 3.5mm input. But the sound is freaking awesome. I got one for me and sis. On Both of them the AC plug that goes into the back of the unit is not what came with it originally. It’s the wrong size and is loose BUT it still works. Woot gave me $5 off when I inquired. I bought this @ $0. Well worth the price. Great bass. Plays plenty loud.

Just bought one of these like two weeks ago and it came missing a rubber foot from the legs and a 3rd party power cable. Speaker seems to be okay for the most part even though it looked like it was thrown in the box.

Pretty sure this is a stereo speaker as it has 2 multiple speakers built in.

Agree with this, as these are the specs which imply stereo: Transducers: 2 x 3” woofers, 2 x 3/4” tweeters, 2 x passive radiators

Realistically, since the woofers/tweeters are so close together it is pretty much mono output.

this is at a great price point but just go to amazon and get the speaker which for some reason comes better packaged.

I bought mine on woot and it came with a broken leg. I had to buy epoxy and glue it on which was a pain. The speaker is great but save yourself some trouble.

The onyx 2 is ‘on sale’ at BestBuy for $199…only difference is the audio in jack…

Since people were complaining (the only people who usually comment are the upset ones)
MY refurb had the lower half of the ‘stock securing’ cardboard with bubble wrap stuffed in on top…original power supply…a small hole in the original box, and not so much as a fingerprint on the speaker…works perfect!
I can’t believe that gorilla glue/hot glue/epoxy glue wouldn’t fix a broken off foot…it’s a tripod/3 contact points…it will stand up fine even if you don’t get it just right… You saved $100…
Thanks again Woot!

I had the same experience.

Mine arrived today. Have to say it had excellent packing: speaker itself completely wrapped in foam sheeting and taped up, placed in a snug-fitting sturdy cardboard box, and that box placed in a larger shipping box with more foam padding. Came with a Harman/Kardon power adapter. No manual, but downloaded that.

Sounds great. Very pleased, as well as relieved, as the packing/shipping on this item clearly was a real crap shoot in prior offers.

I can report an identical experience. Very well packed, HK power adapter, sounds wonderful.

I ordered 2 of these and both came damaged. One speaker have a torn speaker/grill and the other have scratches all over. They look like heavily abused store demo units.

Both speakers came with replacement AC adapters that are just wrong – the output head doesn’t fit (too small/loose) for the speaker power input hole.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

I received mine in good condition with adequate packaging. However it came with a male to male 3.5mm cable in the place of the power cord half of the ac adapter. The half I did receive was harmon/kardon.

Just received mine. I’d give it a 5/5 for sound quality…really gets loud and has good bass. Easily fills a room with sound. A knockoff power adapter that was really loose but worked without issue, surprised me. It had a noticeable scuff on the speaker cover. That was the only sign of it being refurbished. Packed well with foam and box within a box.

I got mine. Foot was missing. poorly packed and it only works for 10 seconds and shuts off. Power light was on. I gave the unit an overnight charge same problem.