Harmless Apparition




Buy this shirt after today (when available) at: http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=4325


A Pac-Man monster?


nice design + colors…but no buy :frowning:


weird and random


Great design, but I dislike black shirts.


Is that a pac-man, or a thumb?


This looks more like an evil marshmallow man than a ghost. I get it, but the pattern could have been tighter.


I like the color and cuteness. :smiley:


Cute. They remind me of the tree spirits from Princess Mononoke.


No buy for me because I don’t like the relatively abstract designs, but this is brilliant. Great colors, great design.


Is it Halloween…again? Why so many creepy shirts?


i’m sorry, how did this not get into the halloween themed shirts? why now?


This would have been good back in October when all the Halloween shirts were coming out


good call


Its navy color, not black.


great colors…but eesh. the design not so much.


Odd… but I like it. In for one!


Then you’ll be ecstatic to know it’s navy. I know, the colour was hidden, but I promise it’s true.

If only Woot consistently printed the official shirt colour twice on the shirt page, once by the purchase information, and another time using a witty pun at the bottom of the blog. That would sure clear up such confusions


hmm, i feel like buying one but lately been spending too much money on woot.