Harris Blackout Grommet Panels - S/2

Wow! I’m so happy I scroll down because I found the first pair of blackouts and I was wondering why the retail was so low. I paid $150 per panel For mine and I believe this is the brand. This is an amazing deal! Grab them while you can because I am buying them in bulk!

I’d like to know if 36" is just for one side of the drapes… or is that the width of both of them, once hung???
I’m wondering because I need some drapes for my patio door…

Each individual drape is 36" wide and 84" tall.

be careful after receiving mine they are not blackouts. So much light gets through you cannot even see the pattern on the panels. Anyone else have this problem?

If you fold it in 1/2 then it would be thick enough to get the blackout effect.

Does anyone know if these drapes have an easily movable texture or if they are harder and have more of a starched feeling to them? Thanks!

Warning. These curtains are gray with silver satin design. I though it was gray with white trim. The silver was disappointing and not the look I was going for.

Im waiting for panels and groomets ,are they still coming or not, i tough they are included, at list thats what i saw when i ordered

You’re welcome to send a message to CS; they can take a look at your order. support@woot.com